PTFE Coated Fiberglass Fabrics

ZobonWeld Series


ZobonWeld Series
Zobon developed PTFE release fabrics sepically for PVC window & door welding and windmill blades. Our release fabrics provide a long lasting, non stick surface with excellent chemical resistance.

The high release properties of our products prevent the molten PVC from sticking to the metal. The excellent value for thermal transfer are a guarantee for optimal welding results.

Therefore, our ptfe release fabrics are widly used as a release medium for PVC window & door welding equipment covering the high temp platens that weld the corners of the PVC window & door extrusion together.




  • Extremes of heat and cold resistance: minus -73℃ to plus +260℃
  • High release from sticky materials ‘non-stick’
  • Easy cleaning (Nothing bonds permanently
  • Low friction co-efficient
  • Ultra-violet,infra-red,microwave,radio frequency resistance
  • Non-combustible – seld extinguishing
  • Chemical corrosion and moisture resistance
  • Low thermal expansion
  • Mildew and fungus resistance





Model Width
Standard Colour
ZobonWeld 013-270W  1000-1500 0.13 270 Gold, Brown, Red, Blue
ZobonWeld 014-300W  1000-1500 0.14 300 Gold, Brown, Red, Blue
ZobonWeld 015-320W 1000-1500 0.15 320 Gold, Brown, Red, Blue