PTFE Tensile Structure Membrane

PTFE Tensile Structure Membrane

PTFE Architectural Fabrics is a material made by coating the super fine glass fiber fabric with PTFE resin.


PTFE Tensile Structure Membrane is a material made by coating the superfine glass fiber fabric with PTFE resin.  PTFE has excellent characteristics, such as resistance against most of strong chemicals, very low friction coefficient. In addition, it is non-sticky and noncombustible.

It has very good insulating performance, and it is resistant against ageing, UV, and moisture,etc.  Glass fiber has the characteristics of high tensile strength, not only higher than that of various natural fibers, but also higher than that of composite fiber and steel.  

The composites of ptfe coated fiberglass fabrics has good welding performance, excellent ultraviolet resistance, anti-ageing performance and flame retardation. It also has the best anti-dirt and self-cleaning performance among all building structures

PTFE Tensile Structure is widely used in large public facilities: gymnasium roofing system, airport hall, exhibition center, platform and landscape pavilion and so on.



Introducing German automatic sizing and integrated machine, use environmentally friendly polyester sizing to pre-impregnate glass fiber, eliminate yarn breakage during weaving process, and at the same time pre-impregnate polyester sizing to strengthen PTFE And the adhesion of glass fiber to greatly enhance the strength of architectural membranes.

After sizing and integrated process, our company's glass fiber yarn is about 30% stronger than the ordinary glass fiber yarn on the market, and the cost is reduced by about 50%.


Introducing German high-precision coating equipment to achieve fully automatic impregnation. In addition, our company uses the most advanced thermal cycle heating system, which better protects the strength of the glass fiber and minimizes the strength loss under high temperature heating.

Equipped with a direct-view acceleration system, which accelerates the coating speed to 6 times that of ordinary coating equipment, thus ensuring high strength and quality of the membrane material.


Our company is currently the only manufacturer in China even in Asia that uses the top coating technology of Titanium Dioxide (TiO2). Titanium dioxide has non-toxic, best opacity, best whiteness and brightness. Its chemical properties are stable, it is not easy to cause chemical changes, and its adhesion is strong.

Nano titanium dioxide has strong super-hydrophilic properties, and it is not easy to form water beads on its surface. Its particle size is only 22um. Under the nano coating technology, it is perfectly fused with PTFE, which has a super protective function on the surface of the membrane material, which greatly Improve the service life of the membrane.

The membrane material coated with titanium dioxide can decompose organic substances under outdoor ultraviolet radiation, and use the photocatalytic reaction of titanium dioxide to decompose the organic substances adsorbed on the surface of the film into CO2 and H2O, which can be washed away by rain with the remaining inorganic substances Clean to achieve perfect self-cleaning function.

We add a special "matte protection" treatment in each process of coating, so that the surface of the PTFE membrane material can eliminate any possibility of cracks, and once again increase the service life of the membrane material. Under the "matte protection" treatment, even after intense ultraviolet radiation, it can still maintain a soft light, so as to achieve a comfortable visual effect.



  • Super mechanical strength, Its tensile strength has reached the level of steel.
  • Self-cleaning
  • Highest fire resistance
  • Light transmission up to 20%
  • Longer weather resistance, extremely resistant to long-term exposure to weather and UV radiation, chemical and biological attack.
  • Superior acoustic performance
  • Excellent dielectric properties
  • Good insulation performance, high reflectance.


Model Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Weight (g/m2) Tensiles (N/5cm)
ZobonArc600 2000 -3850 0.60 1200 ± 100 5500
ZobonArc700 2000 -3850 0.70 1400 ± 100 6500
ZobonArc800 2000 -3850 0.80 1500 ± 100 7500